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Later today I'm leaving for a "weekend expedition" into the Norwegian mountains.

The plan is to climb the highest mountain in Norway, Galdhøpiggen 2469 meters above sea level on Saturday Sepetember 1st.

Flying this Eddy kite at 2469 meters above sea level
Flying this Eddy kite at 2469 meters above sea level

I’ve done some research but cannot find any information about kites being flied from that point ever. i’m bringing a kite, a self made Eddy, and maybe I’ll be the first one flying from the very highest point in Norway!

Hopefully the weather is permitting, both to climb the summit and fly a kite when climbed!

I’ll bring my cell phone and a tripod as well shooting some film and pictures. I doubt anything will be uploaded until I get back home because of no phone coverage up in the mountains. However, it the possibility should occure, I’ll see what I can do. So please surf by every now and then and see if you can join the “expedition” virtually!

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