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A-Quad on the Beach

A-Quad on the Beach

Yesterday was a bit windy so I opted for s vented A-Quad. It seemed to be a good decision!

The wind coming in from the west combined with a very high tide made for s narrow beach. So I had to go for s shorter line set than planned. No worries! I hooked the vented A-Quad to a 10m (30ft) line set and got going.

Yup! Windy indeed, but both the kite and yours truly were up for the conditions. Thankfully it was a pretty warm September evening so it didn’t take long until we both – myself and my kite that is – was warmed up and ready to have some fun together!

Flying off the pier
Flying off the pier

At this little beach, there is a small pier and today the wind direction was perfect for flying off that pier. Quite narrow though, so I had to watch my steps. (Made it! I didn’t fall in!😉)

I was practicing flat axels. Perhaps not the easiest thing to do in the current conditions, however even more rewarding when nailing them. …and I did!

No way near a 💯 % hit rate, but after some trying and failing I found a technique that worked. And as always, they were easier to with my stronger arm than using my weaker!

By using a combination of body language, arms movement and setting up the kite correctly, I started to get s good hang of it, pulling those flat axels by the number.

…and off course I blended in a bit of freestyles flying too!


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