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Here's more on the Lanyork Yellow!

Little daylight and a tight schedule before the Holidays makes for less flying. 😥

However, here’s a bit more on the Lanyork Yellow. I chatted with a friend of mine about it and below you can find a quick recap.

My first experience with the kite was in its upper (and above) wind range and it felt very fast and sometimes hard to control. I didn’t quite connect, but patiently awaited better conditions.

And it paid off. When the winds were much lighter, the kite was a lotmore fun!

It takes very little input to move it around so you need to fly it gently, with feeling. But when you have tuned your input right it’s pretty smooth.

Clockwork is kind of tricky, because (I think) because it’s so responsive. Smooth bicycle rotations are a treat… as long as your input is subtle. Nice catches and throws too.

Some times (more often than with any of my REVs) I have pulled the wind out of the sail and lost the pressure. Then the kite just falls to the ground and if lucky, I can yank it back into flying again … or not.

I had to lengthen the front lines a little to have the kite to brake the way I like. But that’s only tuning.

The line set is really good and takes quite a few twists. (All right… One pair was an inch or so longer than the other pair but no big deal).

Can’t say much about the frame other than one extra rod was included.

The handles look and feel just fine.

Value for money? Yes, I really think so! 🙂

Having fun!

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  1. The top image is the type: ”I want to step into the image and pilot that sail… kindly step aside!” (even though I had a recent session yesterday). With the sea as a background it is like a sail/rig that has flown away from the from its hull of an out-of-the-image yacht.

    Regarding the high responsiveness/sensitivity: Does it still behave this way when compared to other full sails in lower wind? Could it be so that the optimal wind range is really low and that it was time to go for a (medium?) vented instead? Are the handles that came with the Lanyork used for this session and, if so, are they about the same length as your other handles? Could it be that the bridle makes it sensitive by having its rear/back line attachment points rather close to each other (guessing – have never been into bridle designing)?

    > Can’t say much about the frame other than one extra rod was included.

    Like in much flexible, stiff or just right for the kite’s optimal wind range? I.e. the LE flexes as it should? If not, can the frame be swapped with the frames from your other (framed) quads?

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