AERIALIS Team Flyers

Sven's Yellow A-Quad
Kjetil's Red A-Quad


Blue Captain an Head Master


Yellow Pilot & Web Designer


Red Pilot & Pokemon Collector


Purple Pilot & Married to Mirjam


Pink Pilot & married to Niels


Green Pilot & man in black ()


Orange Pilot and Drinks Supplier

we fly kites!

strings attached

Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany… These are the home countries of the pilots comprising the AERIALIS Team Flyers.

We’re an informal bunch of people flying kites together whenever we meet. Two, three, or six pilots, whoever is available for the day or the event.

see us fly!

poetry in the air

We dance in the air with our kites in (almost) any kind of wind. You can watch us fly both quad lined and dual lined kites in these two videos.

Or even better, come to the Nordic Kite Meeting and Blokhus & Løkken Wind Festival June 4th – 9th 2019!

Play Video
Play Video

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