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As I posted on Facbook, it looked like flying a. Happened to be true!

So as soon as work ended, I hopped into the car that was already loaded with my kite bag, the tripod and a wind proof jacket. Ready to go!

My plan was to try out a new flying location at a small beach just four minutes by car away, Festestranda (or Feste Beach). The wind was favourable for this location so the plan came to happen.

Despite coming more or less in from the sea, the trees surrounding the beach was occasionally causing a bit of turbulence, making an impact on the flying. However… Just Fly!

…and so i did!

Having a bit of fun after work!

2 thoughts on “After Work”

  1. A feel good video with cheerful music featuring: a happy yellow kite! I remember that yellow DIYed kite of yours from the NKM. Still using the same quite flexible LE spars here?

    > My plan was to try out a new flying location at a small beach

    Yes that is a thing with QLKs (or HWKs for Hadziki Wing Kites?), you could (in principle) have a meaningful practice session standing on a platform no larger than the size of your feet and with a wind window limited to a few square meters.

    I have a similar exercise to the one at 1:04 that I do now and then, where instead the LE is towards the ground on an “average”. I then try to hit the ground with a wingtip at 45 deg quite lightly (to mind any rare Swedish species of rodents 🙂 ) and then quickly the other wing tip at 45 deg and so on – the quicker the better. Everyone got their own taste and it is the kiters privilege to chose what things to do.

    1. “…Still using the same quite flexible LE spars here?…”

      Yup! Skyshark P200 if I remember correctly. 😉

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