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Back Online!

Back Online!

You might have noticed that the website has been down for a few days. Now it's back online again! 😁

The website went down on Saturday, but thankfully I had a suspicion of why and today it’s back online again thanks to mi ISP … and a minor action from my side. 😉

But no worries. Just because of the downtime, I have not buried myself in misery. Heck, no! I’ve been out flying! On several occasions!

I brought my camera for the Saturday evening session and was able to shoot some quite useful footage while the darkness snuck up on me from behind. The editing went almost as smooth as the flying, and below you will find three video clips I just have uploaded to YouTube.

On the Boardwalk
Keeping it Under Control
1:44 of The Cool Stuff

2 Responses

  1. Comment on the first video (On the Boardwalk”):
    Mrs Statue, may I ask, is he bothering you? 🙂

    Comment on the last video (1:44 of the Cool Stuff):
    Vivid and with a feeling of high tempo!

    1. Thank you!

      …and the Norwegian Lady (Mrs Statue) is as cool, calm and collected as always.

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