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Everything needed for a good day kiting on the beach was in the bag ... and off I went!

The weather forecast was talking summer. Nice temps and a light onshore breeze. All that’s required for a lazy day on the beach.

So after finishing the domestic duties I hopped in the car and drove off. As always I watched for signs of wind along the way. Branches swaying, leaves rustling, flags waving, yeah, you know. It looked really good when I stopped at the parking and started to walk that five minutes walk down to the beach.

All I needed but wind...
All I needed but wind…

I got there … and the wind suddenly decided to take five! Hmmmm….. Well, I put together a couple of light wind kites and waited. Tried to do some flying too, but it was a fight.

After an hour or so I gave it all up, packed the kites and my gear, picked up the bag and walked back to the car.

Off course, when I got home the wind picked up again and stayed pretty good all evening…

Me…. Nope, I didn’t get another go. Bad timing!

Waiting for Wind

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