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Better, Much Better Timing!

Do you remember this blog post? Definitely, bad timing when it comes to flying. No wind and I wasn’t in running-about-on-the-beach-mode. So I packed up the kites and headed back home just to find the wind picked up again. Bummer!

Well, you can’t win them all, can you? But yesterday looked promising. I could squeeze in an hour or so after work and prior to the duties in the stable and I found a pebble beach with just enough space to play along with a set of short (10m/30ft’ish) lines. Shallow water is fun to play with too!

Playing with the elements
Playing with the elements

The wind was coming in from the sea at between 3 an 6 m/sec (7-12mph) which is more than enough to fly the semi vented A-Quad. All framed in Skyshark P200 makes for a just about flexible enough frame for those a bit windy conditions, just like yesterday. The venting also kind of smoothen out the gusts and makes flying a little more comfortable.

Great conditions for the semi vented A-Quad
Great conditions for the semi vented A-Quad

Off course I brought my little tripod and my phone so I was able to shoot some footage. Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the beach fun!

On the Beach

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