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Yeah, the countdown is on. In 31 days we stuff our kiting gear into the kite mobile and set sails (?) for the Danish Quad Clinic 2018!

All the action is taking place at the great flying field in Dragør where John Barresi will let us in on more quad line fun. Tonight I booked our lodging, the Danhostel at Amager on the outskirts of Copenhagen, DK. We will arrive the hostel sometime friday and stay there for the weekend.

…and BTW, WE in this case is Anders and Christian from Sweden and Kjetil and Sven from Norway. Hey, that’s more than half of the AERIALIS Team Flyers! All really looking forwards to a fun and educational weekend in Danish locations.

Hey! come to think of it…. Why not join the Clinic?! It’s still open for signing up. I’m really hoping to see YOU there!

Here’s a little teaser shot at the 2017 clinic….


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