A Kiteshop?

No, not really, but I do have a few kites, some line sets and loads of spare parts lying around.

Komplette linesett til sportsdrager

Kites & Parts!

So if you're looking to update your kitebag or if you are in the need of parts for repair or whatever...

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Available kites and stuff

Currently available

  • Price, cash on delivery: NOK 1.090,-
  • Price, mailorder: NOK 1.235,-

When you’re looking for a light wind (or indoor) kite, the 4D by Prism kite might be the one!


  • Type: Dual lined, Lightwind/indoor
  • Wingspan: 150cm
  • Optimal wind range: 0-3 m/sec
  • Accessories: Straps and lines, Ready to Fly
  • Price COD: 1.090,-
  • Price MO: 1.295,00
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COD = Cash on Delivery | MO = Mail order

Jazz RtF - Prism Kites

  • Price, cash on delivery: NOK 549,-
  • Price, mailorder: NOK 694,-

The Jazz is the perfect intro to the addictive fun of dual line kiting, simple, rugged, affordable … and … easy to fly!

With it’s sturdy sail, hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass frame and the injection molded fittings to the adjustable bridle, nothing has been forgotten, and all with a fit and finish second to none. Taking the beating from a novise yet capable of tricks and presicion when you get your flying going!

The Jazz even easily folds down to a very handy and portable 65cm length!


  • Type: Dual lined,Entry level
  • Wingspan: 140cm
  • Optimal wind range: 2-7 m/sec
  • Accessories: Straps and lines, Ready to Fly
  • Price COD: 549,-
  • Price MO: 694,00
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COD = Cash on Delivery | MO = Mail order

  • Price, cash on delivery: NOK 1.099-
  • Price, mailorder *): 1.363,-

*)Including handeling fee.

The Drop comes complete with lines wrapped nicely on a winder and flying straps. Readt to Fly rought out of the bag!

An excellent allround kite capable of almost all the tricks in the book and decent presicion characteristics as well. The Drop is a kite you won’t outgrow for quite  while improving your flying skills. Great value for money!

Please Note!
Due to its lenght, shipping this kite comprises a handeling fee of NOK 119,00


  • Type: Dual lined, Allround
  • Wingspan: 200cm
  • Optimal wind range: 1,5-6 m/sec
  • Accessories: Straps and lines, Ready to Fly
  • Price COD: 1.099,00
  • Price MO: 1.363,00
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COD = Cash on Delivery | MO = Mail order

Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer: This is not a shop. All kites (new and used), materials and spare parts are sold on a privat basis.

Items for sale

All kites displayed for sale on this page are leftovers (or demo used kites) from my kite shop that closed in 2011. All kites are currently available for immediate shipping unless otherways stated.

Spare parts
I have a lot of spare parts and accessories lying around. Too much to specify all of them here. If you’re looking for spare parts or materials, please specify in your message and I’ll see what I can do.


All purchases must be pre-paid. You can pay using VIPPS (Norway) og bank transfer (foreign). When I recevie your order, you will recevie an e-mail with paying information. As soon as your payment have arrived, the item/s will be shipped.


Cash on Delivery (COD)
If you choose Cash on Delivery (COD) we make an agreement how to deliver the kite. Either at my place or somewhere else if that is easier. Kite/items must be pre-paid (See Payment.)

Mail Order (MO)
I ship using the Norwegian Mail. All their fees are included in the price if you choose Mail Order (MO)


Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate, but drop me a line andI’ll get back to you ASAP!

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