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Kites on display!
AERIALIS Team Flyers

Pairs Routine, The Key Elements

Identifying, and focusing on, the key elements and the tricky parts of a routine. will make practice more effective and boost performance!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Solo Flying the Pairs Routine!

In this article I will take you through the Pairs Routine step by step and when all the reading is done, there is a video!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Will that Pairs Routine be Flyable?

The Pairs Routine is fresh from the drawing board. In theory it should be flyable, but nothing is certain until you’ve tried it out on the field.

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Flying the A-Quad Hard Core

Farid has just framed his A-Quad Hard Core and took it for a spin in windy conditions this weekend!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

A-Quad Hard Core Vented

When the winds are really picking up, it’s good to have the right kite and keep on flying!

Anders Kitemaker and the A-Quad Hard Core Vented
AERIALIS Team Flyers

Anders Kitemaker!

As you might have read here at the AERIALIS Kites website, the AERIALIS Kite Flyers fly A-Quads!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Developing a Pairs Routine

I’m flying solo most of the time, but lately I’ve been making a few sketches for a pairs routine that is not too difficult to fly.

AERIALIS Team Flyers

More Kite Spam from Rømø

The members of the AERIALIS Team Flyers are spamming me with kite photos from Rømø this weekend. I’m taking the liberty to share them with you!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Team Activity!

I’m sitting at home in rainy and windless conditions but Mirjam, Niels, Farid and Anders are having fun at Rømø!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Thoughts on Team Flying

I’ve been flying with the AERIALIS Team Flyers since 2003. Wow, that’s 16 years now! Team flying surely has added several dimensions to my flying.


The Megateam!

One of the things I was looking the most forward to at the NKM was the Megateam. I wasn’t let down!



Half a year ago I really struggled with the axel. Now things are different!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Windy? No Worries!

With the Nordic Kite Meeting and Blokhus & Løkken Wind Festival not too far into the future, we gotta be prepared!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

With a Bit of Mesh…

The wind definitely picked up, so what better to do than make a High Wind prototype of the A Quad?!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

The Workshop!

Finally the weekend was here and we all were heading for Gothenburg and Anders’ place to make some kites!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

The A Quad, initial flight

After two hectic days working like heroes using our sewing machines, it was time for the initial flight!


Six hours to takeoff!

In about six hours we hit the road heading for Gothenburg and the Team Workshop!

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May 27th-31st 2020


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