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AERIALIS Team Flyers

More Quad Team Flying

I just found out that Anders has posted a new quad team flying video on Vimeo!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Quad Team Flying

Here’s another glimpse from the Danish Quad Clinic a few weekends ago.


DQC2018 Video #2

A new day on the field, a perfect day on the field!


DQC2018 on Facebook

Not coming to the Danish Quad Clinic? Follow on Facebook!

DQC2018 - HQ booked!


Yeah, the countdown is on. In 31 days we stuff our kiting gear into the kite mobile and set sails (?) for the Danish Quad


Help us to improve!

I’m pretty satisfied with the current version of the AERIALIS Kites website. However, I’m sure there are potential for improvement. Hopefully you can …and will…

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Ten years ago

At the 2008 NKM, Anders, Kjetil and myself spent four perfect days on the beach letting our icarex breath. All in close to perfect conditions.

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Tip for Solo Team Practice

In our team flying toolbox we (the AERIALIS Team Flyers) have included a handful of tricks to spice up our routine. Both the 2 point

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Way Back When!

At the Nordic Kite Meeting that year we took our first stab at team flying with our brand new kites. The original lineup as follows:

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Team goals and practice

“Here is a summary of what we are talking about and what we did not talk about. First we talked about our ambition’s level. What


Just Fly!

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