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AERIALIS Team Flyers

Tip for Solo Team Practice

In our team flying toolbox we (the AERIALIS Team Flyers) have included a handful of tricks to spice up our routine. Both the 2 point

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Way Back When!

At the Nordic Kite Meeting that year we took our first stab at team flying with our brand new kites. The original lineup as follows:

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Team goals and practice

“Here is a summary of what we are talking about and what we did not talk about. First we talked about our ambition’s level. What

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Team Flying Feedback

OK, here we go! Why do we fly? (What’s the purpose with our flying?) This is maybe the most important question to answer. Yes, I

Video by Kites'n'Friends from the Danish Quad Line Clinic CPH 2017

Quad Clinic in Copenhagen

More info by following the link below: There are only fifteen spots available and they are supposed to fill up quite quick. So if


The Nordic Kite Meeting 2018

Thursday May 17th …and what an event it turned out to be. The beautiful beach of Blokhus presented itself in all its beauty while the


NKM2018 on Facebook

Today I added a new album called Nordic Kite Meeting 2018 and you’ll find it here: So if you can’t join us on the

AERIALIS Team Flyers


Everything is set for the greatest kiting adventure this year, the Nordic Kite Meeting 2018, AKA Blokhus Windfestival. Yesterday I booked the ferry and here’s


Soon that time of year again!

What started way back in September 1999, in the 20th Century, is now happening again. The Nordic Kite Meeting in combination with the Blokhus Wind

...and Team Apparel
AERIALIS Team Flyers

Spring preparations

Wind shelters off course! Looking good Anders! 👍


Just Fly!

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