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Twenty Minutes!

It didn’t take long until I got a chance to fly the new A Quad. Today I managed to squeeze in twenty minutes of airtime after sunset.

AERIALIS Team Flyers

The Workshop!

Finally the weekend was here and we all were heading for Gothenburg and Anders’ place to make some kites!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

The A Quad, initial flight

After two hectic days working like heroes using our sewing machines, it was time for the initial flight!


Six hours to takeoff!

In about six hours we hit the road heading for Gothenburg and the Team Workshop!


Some Intentional Flying

Whenever I go flying, well, most of the time, I include a bit of intentional flying.


The A Quad – Urban Style

Anders was out flying the other day. He even brought his VidCam and shot some scenes.


Just Fly!

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