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Category: AERIALIS Kites

Sven flies his Yellow Vented DYI quad!

What’s This Move?

Yesterday I was out flying and I kind of stumbeled upon this move, or trick if you like. But what is it really?

Quad Heads

Top of the Table!

Yeah, just like Liverpool Football Club, I’m at the top of the table too! Or at least my A-Quad is!


Absolutely Dead Calm

Finally the days are long enough to squeeze in some flying on the way back home from work!

Djinn by John Barresi and Kite Forge

Simple Freestyle

Well, I don’t know. Simple…. I think it’s much more than that. I think it’s AWESOME!

Quad Heads

While Waiting for “Elsa”

The storm “Elsa” is said to be a pretty nasty one with tons of rain and really heavy winds. Better head out and fly before she hits!


NKM2020 Date Confused?

There has been some confusion about the dates for the Nordic Kite Meeting 2020. This post is setting it all straight!


The Word is Spreading!

Yeah, it certainly is. The Facebook posts about the Nordic Kite Meeting and the Blokhus-Løkken Wind Festival 2020 is viewed by many in just a short period of time!

Quad Heads

Another Hard Core Spin!

Once again Farid has taken his A-Quad Hard Core out in the windy. Once again he has shot a video.


The Longest Movie

It was a perfect day for kite flying, January 25th 2020. And the right time for shooting the longest movie.

Fading the Eclipse
Dual lines

Fade your sport kite in higher winds!

Trick flying in higher winds is demanding, no question about that. Trick flying means your lines going slack all the time, but when the wind is howling it’s very hard to get enough slack in the lines to carry out the various tricks.

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Flying the A-Quad Hard Core

Farid has just framed his A-Quad Hard Core and took it for a spin in windy conditions this weekend!

Cascading an A-Quad
Quad Heads

Can You Call These Cascades?

Despite planning to practice sharp corners and work on my pairs routine, there were also some time to freestyle!

Quad Heads

Things up Close

Yet another Sunday, great weather, great winds and enough time on my hands to go fly a kite!

Yellow Nirvana close up
Dual lines

I’d Like to Take You Back in Time

This goes back to the year of 2003, quite some time ago. One of the Nirvanas of the first ever commercially available Nirvanas happened to end up at the end of my strings!

To the top

May 27th-31st 2020


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