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Tricking the A-Quad

I used to think that you could not trick a quad kite. I might have been wrong all the time!


Getting the Transfer to Fade

Back in 2004 there was a lot of talk about the l’Atelier Transfer and it’s reluctancy to fade. I wrote an article on that topic, and some of it is applicable on a general basis too.

Short, sharp tug on the breaklines initiating the rotation
Flying tips

Flic Flac

How hard can it be? Let’s give it a try!

Flying tips

Flying With Intent

If you want to improve, you need to fly a lot. If you want to quantum leap your skills, you need to fly with intent!

Flying tips

Understand the Wind Window

Understanding the Wind Window is important for managing the power of the kite and how it’s being affected by the wind. The Wind Window is

Dual lines

Cool Combo!

It’s probably not new. It’s probably not even a trick, rather a combination. But hey! It’s COOL! Variations on the Insane, Rolling Cascade and Jacob’s Ladders …or whatever!

Sjefen sjøl!
Dual lines

Climbing the Jacob’s Ladder

The Jacob’s Ladder, a really nice trick combination that even a non-kiter can understand and appreciate. And perhaps best of all; the ”Ladder” is not too difficult to learn, and hopefully – when you have read through this article – you’re a few steps closer to make it. Are you ready? OK, let’s go!

Straight lines
Dual lines

Straight Line Flight

Flying razor sharp straight lines are one of the trademarks of a good pilot. Here are a few tips on how to do it!

Dual lines

Taming the Oversteer

Do you have trouble with your kite oversteering? Some kites come with a bit of oversteer built in. I must admit I’m not too fond of this … feature, so if you’re like me, I hope you find these handful of tips useful.

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