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Dual lines

Introduction to Light Wind Flying

Some times when you want to fly you will find yourself in very light wind conditions. However, with a little bit of knowledge about how to set up your kite and some practice you can keep on flying even if the wind dies down.


Freestyling the Eclipse

Having fun with the Prism Eclipse on the field yesterday. Here’s a new video with outtakes and other stuff from the session.


Getting the Transfer to Fade

Back in 2004 there was a lot of talk about the l’Atelier Transfer and it’s reluctancy to fade. I wrote an article on that topic, and some of it is applicable on a general basis too.


Behind the Scenes

I thought you might be interested in how I’m doing the ‘testing’ of the Stunt Kite Classics. Come on and join me behind the scenes, and I’ll let you know.


The HQ Midi Flies!

A couple of years ago I got my hands on this HQ Midi. Never really flown it until recently. Now I wonder why…

Dual lines

HQ Midi

More than twenty years old, but the Midi still delivers!
Not only the old school tricks, but quite a few new ones too. A great freestyler!


The Gemini Flies!

It’s been a while, but yesterday my fave kite for several years was dancing in the air again!

Dual lines


The Gemini was a real game changer twenty years ago and opened up many new doors in the freestyle department. My fave kite for several years!


Virtual Freestyle #36

Virtual Freestyle is an Internet-based kite flying competition that is free for everyone around the world to enter!

Dual lines

Illusion 2K

This is not a beginner kite. You will need skills, patience and determination to get the most out of it. But that’s what makes it fun, isn’t it?


So Much Fun!

That feeling…. You know, when you’re kind of telepathically connected to your kite and it will do anything you tell it to…

Dual lines

Cosmic TC

The Cosmic TC was a revelation to me and capable of all the tricks in that famous book.


Stirring up the Elixir

My Plan A was to fly the Gemini and the Elixir back to back, but for several reasons I had to switch to Plan B.

Dual lines

Nirvana WW

The Nirvana WW (Without Wind) is an agile kite, perfect, for solo or team flying in low or no wind conditions.


Duallies are Still Fun!

It’s been a while, but here the other day I pulled a Nirvana out of the bag again.

Sjefen sjøl!

My votes

The vote is over and the six tricks are selected. Here’s my selection of tricks!

Prism Eclipse

The Conclusion

…and the voting is closed! Thank you for voting for the six tricks I will perform in my project Stunt Kite Classics!


Stunt Kite Classics

Ever since I joined the Stunt Kite Classics group on Facebook, I have been playing with this thought…

Line length equalizer
Dual lines

Line Length Equalizer

A nice, little gadget – the Line Length Equalizer – should put an end to your frustrations! Here we go! First you need a piece of string

Nothing can top this!

The best evening!

It was a perfect evening on the beach. Super smooth onshore wind clocking in at about 3 m/sec. No variations anywhere in the wind window

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