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Dual lines

Cool Combo!

It’s probably not new. It’s probably not even a trick, rather a combination. But hey! It’s COOL! Variations on the Insane, Rolling Cascade and Jacob’s Ladders …or whatever!


Sportkite Characteristics

So, are you thinking of designing your own kite? I’ve played with the thought several times, but so far, I’m nothing but a copy cat.

Sjefen sjøl!
Dual lines

Climbing the Jacob’s Ladder

The Jacob’s Ladder, a really nice trick combination that even a non-kiter can understand and appreciate. And perhaps best of all; the ”Ladder” is not too difficult to learn, and hopefully – when you have read through this article – you’re a few steps closer to make it. Are you ready? OK, let’s go!

John and his Kymera

John and the Kymera

John Barresi takes his (prototype) Kymera for a spin at the Seasinde, Oregon, USA. Watch it and enjoy!

Straight lines
Dual lines

Straight Line Flight

Flying razor sharp straight lines are one of the trademarks of a good pilot. Here are a few tips on how to do it!

Dual lines

Taming the Oversteer

Do you have trouble with your kite oversteering? Some kites come with a bit of oversteer built in. I must admit I’m not too fond of this … feature, so if you’re like me, I hope you find these handful of tips useful.


Nirvana – First impressions

I’ve been patient, soooo very patient waiting for the Nirvanas to arrive, and come May, the long cardboard box knocked on my door. Finally the

iTrix video

And then the wind died

Supplied with a new spreader the iTrix was ready to fly and with the wind dying down to nothing and the moon climbing over the


The way to fly!

The two videos are great for those starting to fly and despite being close to twenty years old, they still deliver! Yes, you might not

Nirvana SUL - Video on Youtube

Just a Breath of Air

The winds were a bit too easterly for my likings, but hopefully it was flyable. I’d brought the full set, SUL, UL, Std and vented



Yes, one broken leading edge and fittings brittle as crisp. TodayI decided to see if I could fix it and equipped with a few rods,

From a distance

Hot and bumpy

Very hot, mercury tipping +30°C in the shade made it perfect for beach bums. So all my fave flying fields were occupied by sun- and

Prism Eclipse

While waiting

While waiting for the article about the NKM2018, here is something to check out. Packing out all the stuff after the meeting also meant a

Perfect conditions


A light and soooooper smooooth onshore breeze made the conditions just perfect for the Cosmic Ghost. I didn’t really have to fly it. The kite

...and with a new upper spreader, it's ready to fly!

Fixing Nirvana

Previous years I’ve always been late packing. But not this year. …and in addition to pulling the kites out of the basement it was a


Drizzle Day

It was a somewhat drizzly day but perfect wind coming in from the sea. Finally the snow was (mostly) gone too, so with some spare

John Barresi flying the Kaiju

Lightwind Dancing

The new kite – Kaiju – by John Barresis’s Kiteforge! Up for grabs at …and this is what it looks like in the hands

Flew untill darkness

Wow! Again!

An onshore breeze made for great conditions for playing along with my Rev for a while. Then the wind slowly calmed … enough for pulling

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