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Quad Heads

Nothing Much

Yeah, I’ve got some more footage from the flying a couple of days ago and I’ve put together yet another video.

Quad Heads

Hitting the Field, Feeling the Wind

I normally go flying with Plan A in my head; intentional flying. But before I get down into that Plan A, there’s some warming up to do!

Quad Heads

Oh Boy What a Day!

Kite: A-Quad Semi Vented
Wind: Steady 4m/sec
Weather: Sunny, +7°C

Cosmic at sunset

140 days to the NKM 2020

The countdown has started. In just (?) 140 days the Nordic Kite Meeting 2020 kicks off!

Opium ready to launch
Dual lines

Too Windy for the Opium

I was ready to review the Classic Stunt Kite Opium by French R-sky, but when I hit the field the wind was a tad on the too strong side.

Quad Heads

Backlit Variations

Happy New Year everybody and welcome to yet another year of kiting pleasures!

Just ... stuff

Happy New 2020!

Can you see the difference? Yeah, a brand new front page greeting you all on this the first day of the new decennium.

The Sphere - Kitehouse.de
Just ... stuff

Archived Years of Kiting

The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web and other information on the Internet, launched in 2001 by the Internet Archive.


The Penultimate Day of the Year

It’s weird. The Norwegian Winter Wonderland is absent. Today the mercury hit +10°C and the grass is green.


AoxomoxoA, the Movie

If you’ve been into kiting for some time, you’ve probably come over the term “AoxomoxoA”.


Peace of Mind

Here’s a little taste of some relaxed flying in close to perfect conditions.



It’s been way too long since the last time, but today I finally found myself at the beach attached to a kite! 🤩

Quad Heads

Finally Flying!

I haven’t had the chance to go flying since November 2nd…. But today…!


Now then…?

I haven’t been flying for quite some time now, but now I can see a light in the tunnel!

Quad Heads

Ain’t got no Field!

All you need is a few square meters, a tad of wind and a bridge sheltering you from the rain!

Anders Kitemaker and the A-Quad Hard Core Vented
AERIALIS Team Flyers

Anders Kitemaker!

As you might have read here at the AERIALIS Kites website, the AERIALIS Kite Flyers fly A-Quads!

Dual lines

Introduction to Light Wind Flying

Some times when you want to fly you will find yourself in very light wind conditions. However, with a little bit of knowledge about how to set up your kite and some practice you can keep on flying even if the wind dies down.


Crap Winter

A cold and crisp winters day with a smooth breeze coming in from the sea can make a winter flying wonderland!

To the top

May 27th-31st 2020


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