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New and revamped Frontpage
Website Issues

Summer Clothing

It’s about time to go for the summer clothing. The website is now updated accordingly!

laptop update wordpress
Website Issues

Major Update!

The time was right. Today the AERIALIS Kites website saw a major update!

Wordpress 5.0
Website Issues

WordPress 5.0

Just before the weekend Wordpress 5.0 was released.

New Video Camera
Website Issues

New Gadget!

Right in time for Christmas. Tomorrow I’m going too pick up the new video camera!

Website Issues

Speeding it up!

As mentioned in another blog post, I’ve been working to speed up the AERIALIS Kites website. And now it seems like things are paying off!

Wordpress v 5.0 on November 19th
Website Issues

November 19th!

An important day for any Wordpress user. On November 19th Wordpress version 5.0 is released!

Website Issues

Tweaking and Tuning

Lately I’ve found this website to load pretty slowly. I’ve done some investigation to find out what is causing this.

Website Issues

Minor revamps

Today I’ve done som minor revamps to the site.Here’s more on the revamps.

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