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Cold and Windy

It was a cold and windy day with that scent of snow in the air.

Nevertheless I was ready for a couple of hours on the beach. Dressed properly it’s always nice to go flying regardless of the weather. Well… Mostly. 😉

The winds were a bit too easterly for my fave beach but after some walking I found myself in a great new location. A location suitable for most wind directions. The wind came in along the beach making for cool flying above the water and the breaking waves.

Enough talking, I’ll let the piccies and the video tell the rest of my story!

Stena Line towards Oslo
Stena Line toward Oslo

Really low hover
Really low hover

Cold but fun
Cold but fun!

Big smile and cold hands
Big smile and cold hands




2 thoughts on “Cold and Windy”

  1. The strong wind makes your progress in clockwork and distinct starts/stops evident…, err… no… I mean you must have opened a magnum sized can of QLK/HWK piloting progress…, arghh…, I mean great flying!! Now I know with whom I could discuss the start and stop movement of the clockwork (an area where my own ideas kind of fluctuates).
    Also I must say that I get a bit jealous when you say”I found myself in a great new location”, there are not so many good fields (etc.) around me over here. For the two (!) sessions of the last weekend, the nearest “field” that worked for the (quite narrow acceptable) wind direction, required the 8.2m line set. That line set is tailored for that particular place.

  2. ”Cold and windy” and ”Scent of winter”… and the great question that pops up is gloves/mittens for winter kiting. My workhorse is a somewhat thin and soft glove for work ( ), with a nicer/softer feeling than any other garden glove that I have tested. One drawback is that during winter it only works down to about minus 5degC (23F) and gives a slight reduction of sensitivity when doing DLKing and QLK/HWKing (but is way better than the option of going home…).
    For summer use I have a pair of very thin gloves that is quite OK ( ). I use them to protect a few no pigment areas on my hands during some long sunny QLK sessions. It is not the same thing as using no gloves, but not necessarily for the worse. They make the grip a bit more slippery, I know it sounds like it would be a bad thing but it kind of helps changing the grip rapidly. Some kind of threshold disappears and the handles changes positions in your hands more readily.
    The best idea for a winter glove/mitten arrangement that I can come up with would be a combination of a much thin glove and a very large not too thick mitten with the QLK (or DLK) handle going through the large mitten. The mittens being somewhat like warm bags surrounding your hands. The mitten (and preferably the thin glove as well), should cover the wrists with a large margin, so that no cold air can enter there. The mittens should also connect very well to the handle (elastic band for clothing or tape?) and minimize any cold air entering there that way as well. The material of the handle should not be metal to minimize the heat being conducted out of the glove.

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