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Crap Winter

Crap Winter

A cold and crisp winters day with a smooth breeze coming in from the sea can make a winter flying wonderland!

However, when the winter (?) is going from absolute serene conditions one day to total crap the other that surely makes kite flying a bit of a challenge.

You know… A few days ago the winter surely pronounced its arrival. The temperature dropped to way below freezing, the clouds gathered and soon a decent layer of that white and fluffy stuff covered the ground with a blanket of frosty.

It stayed like that for a day or two. Today however the mercury has started its climb into the red digits and the white blanket of snow has visibly shrunk. The light drizzle is freezing on the ground making driving conditions somewhat … interesting.

Later today it’s supposed to bucket down, turning whatever is left of the white layer into a semi transparent layer of slush.

…and then, off course, the temperatures will drop again. Ahhhh, nice! Nothing better than a solid block of glacier like ice covering anything that happens to reside outdoors!

And kiting…? I guess I’ll have to ask nicely to use the stable’s indoor riding arena! 😉


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