Dance with the Waves



Kite addict since 1998. Still addicted!
There is a poem by Christy Ann Martine that goes like this...

Dance with the Waves,
move with the Sea
Let the Rythm of the Water
Set your Soul Free

Just the way I felt when I played with the wind and the water yesterday!

Dancing with the Waves

2 thoughts on “Dance with the Waves”

  1. I share your respect for waves when dipping the kite. After my initial contact with water when piloting a DLK and attempting to land it in very shallow water (about a dm deep) on a beach immediately resulted in a wave collapsing over the kite, I stopped doing any attempts on dipping the kite for more than a year and thought that it just wasn’t for me.
    For QLK the quickest way to get it out of the water when partially submerged is for me when the kite is oriented like it is at 2:24 in the video. To get out of the water rather quickly when say 1/3 of the LE (and sail) is is in the water, offset your hands quite much (with the top hand closest) and pull on both hands.

  2. Yes, landing a kite in too shallow water is kind of risky business. It’s actually (much) easier to really drown it into the deep sea where you actually can “fly” it submerged.

    If it’s deep enough – and you remember to keep tension on your lines! – you can do turns, spins, forward and (more difficult) reversed flight (?)

    One problem can be if your flying 90 degrees on a pier or similar and run out of pier!


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