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Definitely no success

Inspired by the dog stake flying at the Danish Quad Clinic in September, I decided to try to make a dog stake tool myself.

So after having collecting the hardware I ended up with something like this…

The DIY dog stake gadget

Today was about perfect to try it for the first time so off I went and within the next fifteen minutes or so I was at the beach ready to set it all up.

The first thing was to attach the gadget to a fence pole.

Setting up the gadget

After some fiddling with the lines, I managed to thread all four of them through the “eyes” soon ready to attach the kite to the lines.

Threaded lines

Then all left to do was hooking the kite up and start flying!

Ok, ready to fly … ?

…and it does look pretty good, doesn’t it?


But unfortunately it didn’t work out at all. 🙁

There was way too much friction on the lines. I tried some adjusting, but wasn’t able to work it out. Too much friction.

So I have to do something to remedy this. I’ll try to increase the size of it all to have the “eyes” further apart. I’ll also try to lubricate the “eyes” for less friction.

…and if anyone have other ideas, please let me know in the comment field below!

1 thought on “Definitely no success”

  1. Update:
    I will try to fly a duallie using the same set up to see if number of lines have anything to do with the friction.

    Stay tuned! 🙂

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