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Developing a Pairs Routine

Developing a Pairs Routine

I'm flying solo most of the time, but lately I've been making a few sketches for a pairs routine that is not too difficult to fly.

I think I’ve said it before; several times. The AERIALIS Team Flyers consist of seven members, Anders, Kjetil, Søren, Mirjam, Niels, Farid and myself. We live very far from each other, from Oslo in the north to Flensburg in the south. So there are a few minor (?) logistical issues for teaming up all seven of us.

I’ve proposed to make a routine that will include four kites/pilots because most of the times we are not all seven taking part. But four, yes, I think we can make that!

Lately, I’ve been playing with the thought of developing a Paris Routine too, having in mind that it easily can be transferred into a four kites routine. So I found myself a pen and a notebook and started to do some sketching. The sketches are so far on the rough side, but I sent them all to Anders and he got the picture, so at least they’re … readable! 😉

Do you get this?
Do you get this? 😛

I’ve focused on breaking it up into elements (like described in this post) using specific names for each of them. They go like “Twister”, “AlterSnake”, “Fig of A”, “Slow Burst”, “Pumping Star”, “Alternate Down” and others. Using a strict naming convention and hopefully avoid misunderstandings.

But sketches are one thing, flying the lot might be quite another. So yesterday I brought my notebook to the field and my goal was to fly most of the elements pretending to be “the BLACK kite” as drawn in my sketches. …and kind of pretending “the WHITE kite” flying alongside.

BLACK kite right, WHITE kite left
BLACK kite right, WHITE kite left

Good conditions for a vented A-Quad on 30m (~100ft) lines, and after some time flying and minor adjustments, it all looked like this me still being “the BLACK kite”.

Developing a Pairs Routine

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