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Do I Really Have a Twin Brother?

No, I don't,but with a little bit of creative editing, you can easily fake it! 😉

So there I was, ready to fly on the beach and my fake twin brother showed up wanting to fly too!

And heck… Why not! 😂😉

Flying with my Twin Brother

2 thoughts on “Do I Really Have a Twin Brother?”

  1. I very much recognize this act of desperation. Believe me, I do understand why one would like to make a clone of oneself – let me guess, the number of people to talk kiting to in your home area is: Zero! Though I live in the capital region (Stockholm) – the number of decent kiters (power kiters excluded) I’ve seen on local fields during this millennium is: Zero!

    When making the throws I have always considered everything but a horizontal position when reaching the end of the lines a failure. Looking at this video when it instead reaches a vertical position (at 0:53) I can see that it looks good as well. 10m line length I suppose?

    Also notice the you do figures of intent with a stricter more controlled feeling in the latter half of the video. This looks good, is something I believe in and makes one progress faster (but that is hardly an original thought). Don’t tell me that it was your twin brother here 🙂 .

    Mild criticism alert (of a minor detail): I think that I’ve seen this before when you make an inverted slide towards the edge of the wind window. When you then turn upwards (at 3:23), there are no well defined stops, no clear horizontal/vertical/45deg components and no specific type of turn. I can’t see/figure out what the pilot tries to do or even if there is a plan. The fact that remember the above from some earlier videos says rather something of how picky I am, not the magnitude of the “error” – it is really only a detail.

    The constant guitar in the relaxing background music that you can hear through out the video sounds a bit like borrowed from (early) U2 songs.

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