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Entering Freestyle Mode!

Inspired by nailing the Axel I could feel myself entering freestyle mode and playful flying!

This little beach is great for flying quads. …and the scenery changes with the tide. Come the low tide large sandbanks emerge making the field quite large. Flying when high tide however makes dry land scarce but plenty of shallow water to play with.

Yesterday was something in the middle, and fuled by the great feeling of nailing the axel with another self made quad kite of mine, I entered freestyle mode!

I was playing with the kite and the elements; wind, water and earth (no fire though) and had a lot of fun!

The kite bouncing off the ground, hovering loooow, long inverted slides across the wind window, slow bicycle rotations, tip stabs, edge stabs (?), axels and flicflacs.

Who could ask for more?! 😎

Entering Freestyle Mode

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