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Finally, the Stunt Kite Classics!

You might remember about half a year ago, I promised you to start a columnt called Stunt Kite Classics. Now it's here!

Last summer I cleaned up my basement and I got this idea. How about pulling out my old, classic stunt kites and put them through the test, do they still hold up? How do they perform in the trick department, are they still up there when it comes to precision moves and speed control? What do they feel like in the air?

Well, come fall (or autumn) I pulled off a poll here at AERIALIS Kites asking you to vote for five classic tricks that I was to put the kites through. When the poll was closed, the following tricks topped the list:

  1. The Axel
  2. The Fade
  3. The Side Slide
  4. The Flic Flac
  5. The 540 Flat Spin
  6. The Turtle

And finally… finally I’ve found time to start the column, and the first kite out is the Nirvana NW (No Wind or SUL if you like.).

I plan to fly many more of my classics and bring you my “verdict” in the (near) future, so please keep an eye on my site for updates. This is going to be fun!


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