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In order to do slack line tricking you have to make sure to allow the lines to go slack every now and then. At least for me that means a bit of running. When the wind picks up I need to be running even more and that requires a flying spot with a pretty smooth surface. A field free from objects that can make you stumble and fall.

Flying quadlines however changes this a little. When I’m “attached” to a quadline I definitely do not have to run around like crazy and I need quite a smaller spot for moving about. This means I can fly quadlined kites in more flying spaces than when flying dual lined kites.

Here’s a good example…

A nice little sand bank
A nice little sand bank

This is a nice, little sandbank. But with quite a few rocks and stones scattered around. In low winds I could fly my duallies here, but in the 6m/sec that’s dangerous. It’s so easy to trip, fall and even get injured.

With a quadline however, it’s different. In the middle of the sand bank there’s a small area with almost nothing to trip over. Small but still big enough for flying that quad kite!

It doesn’t hurt that the scenery looks looks good too!

So this is a spot that opens up for quadline flying. And a sand bank surrounded with water invites dipping your kite into the wet from time to time adding to the fun!

Below you find a few more pictures from the sandbank showing clearly what I mean. Plenty of stuff to stumble over with a dual liner in your hands, but causing (close to) no problems flying a quadline.

Plenty of stuff to stumble over
Plenty of stuff to stumble over
Tripping grounds
Tripping grounds
No problems quad flying
No problems quad flying


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