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Yesterday I bought myself a new tripod for the mobile phone or the video camera. Here's a quick rundown.

I had the opportunity to test it today and it works pretty much like I expected.

The tripod is very light weight and made for mobile phone use … or cameras up to 2kg. Being light weight it’s also prone to struggle when the wind picks up. It fell over once for me today in a significant gust.

Apart from this the tripod seems like good value for money. In addition to the tripod itself the package includes mounts for both mobile phones and camera. Another nice add on is a remote control that connects to the phone by Bluetooth and off course works with Android and IOS.

It packs away in a handy, soft bag which will fit into almost any kite bag. Nice when traveling.

The tripod head is adjustable in any kind of angle and is tightened using the knobs.

The telescope legs are easily adjustable and the leveled by using the water leveler.

Well… ’nuff said. Here are the piccies!

Light travel tripod
The tripod is easy to carry
Fully extended
Fully extended
The VidCam attached
The VidCam attached
Looking at you!
Looking good don’t you think?
Close up
Close up
Bluetooth remote control
Bluetooth remote control

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