...and with a new upper spreader, it's ready to fly!

Fixing Nirvana

For once I’m early! Yesterday I dived deep into my kite-room and dug out a pile of kites, most coming to the NKM in a couple of weeks.

Previous years I’ve always been late packing. But not this year. …and in addition to pulling the kites out of the basement it was a great opportunity to check over everyone of them making sure they all were in flyable condition.

Some were not. Like one of the Nirvanas missing all standoffs and the upper spreader.

Luckily the kite-room is packed with rods, tubes and miscellaneous spare parts so no truoble putting the kite together again.


Here’s a quick rundown…

You know... Stuff!
You know… Stuff!


Here's the somewhat lacking Nirvana
Here’s the somewhat lacking Nirvana


...with missing standoffs
…with missing standoffs


Easy to fix tho'
Easy to fix tho’


...and with a new upper spreader, it's ready to fly!
…and with a new upper spreader, it’s ready to fly!