For some it’s summer already!



Kite addict since 1998. Still addicted!
Being covered by a thick layer of snow up here in Norway, some are having summer already!

’cause this video showed up on Vimeo today!

For some it’s summer already!

Farid has flown the A Quad in what looks like close to perfect conditions. And I’m sure he wears that big grin on his face whilst flying. I just can tell because of how that kite is piloted. Right Farid?

Thanks for sharing the video and watering my mouth wanting one myself! Can’t wait for the workshop!

1 thought on “For some it’s summer already!”

  1. Upon first sight it the scenery/light “is” summer. The warm/keen choice of colours of the kite could work as the theme on a series of sunscreen bottles/tubes (meant as a positive comment).
    When the light and other conditions are right during the winter I sometimes try to find the angle of a imaginary photo that would not reveal the time of year. Almost always I end up on rocks, water and spruce (or possibly pine) forest.

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