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For some reason I prefer dub to my dual line kite flying and funky tunes for quad flying.

I can’t really explain why those to music genres goes with two different ways of flying. Yes, off course I have tried to mix it all, but for som reason it won’t work.

So when I started flying yesterday the wind was practically absent, but just about perfect for the no-wind Nirvana. Dub in my ears.

After half an hour or so, the wind picked up a little making the conditions perfect to fly the standard A-Quad, and I changed music genre accordingly. Full throttle on one of my more funk based Spotify playlists and icky go!

Here’s a 4:46 of funky freestyle!

Funky Freestyle

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  1. Good tempo with quite much use of your feet. An illustration of a happy kite (and pilot).

    To watch a few videos is good as a remainder to expand the practice repertoire at the field. Typically I focus on avoiding every unnecessary wobble in turns etc.., make distinct (sail loading) moves and feeling/flying the wing especially when making wing tip pivots.

    Have I forgotten the playful parts? To tempo “jazz around” like this was/feels like a year ago (?) when there happened to be a loudly playing beach party where I had my session. And also just the high speed of the moves in themselves could make oneself approach learning from slightly another angle, thus adding to new input to new ideas. To get used to make use of ones feet could come in handy on close to zero wind days. This applies to myself as well – e.g. I’m still only making a one or two 360ies occasionally on very low wind days, i.e. it is still something in progress of learning.

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