Happy Holidays!



Kite addict since 1998. Still addicted!
Yes, it's that time of year again.

What a year it has been!

After several years in a kite hibernation I have woken up to a new high. 2018 has added so much to my kiting and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Too much to go into details with in one blog post only, but here are a handful of highlights…

  • The 20th Nordic Kite Meeting
  • The Danish Quad Clinic
  • My own quadline flying and improvement
  • The joy of making kite videos again
  • Running a thriving website

A big thank you to all of my kite buddies out there! I really should mention all of you by name, but I’m afraid to miss someone.

However, I’d like to say something about Anders M and John B.

Without Anders’ friendship the last twenty years my kiting life would have been very far from where it is today. Thank you Anders for being my trusted friend and kite buddy. Memories!

And John (Barresi if anyone should wonder)… What an inspiration to learn, fly and hang with you! It’s been a great pleasure and I really hope our strings cross again!

Finally… Happy Holidays to all my kiting friends out there … and a happy new 2019 to you all!

Now… Go fly a kite!


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