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How I Pack Up my Quad Kite

I'm sure there are more than one way, but this is how I pack up my quads.

I must admit… I don’t always pack up my kites after a trip to the field. The trunk of my car is SPACIOUS so I can just leave the kites in there to dry.

But when I DO pack’em up I usually follow a standard procedure I find good.

First I pull off both end caps on the leading edge. Then I gently pull one of the outer rods out of the middle rod. Not by much, just a couple of centimetres and fold the outer side of the kite on to the middle part. Then I turn the kite over and repeat for the other side of the kite.

Now I grab the kite’s leading edge at one of the LE connectors and remove the end cap of the down spar before I remove the down spar completely and repeate for the other side.

Now it’s time to align the down spars to the split leading edge and roll all the stuff up. When rolled up I put the lot into the kite bag.


Not after having watched the video!


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