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Finally I got the chance to do something I've been waiting for a long time...

I’ve seen several videos of John Barresi flying in the woods, and I’ve always thought it is soooo cooool! Ever since I watched the first video I’ve been looking forward to get a chance to take a stab at it, but until today I haven’t had the chance.

Because first of all, you have got to have the skill to manoeuvre the kite in between the bushes and the branches. I must admit I haven’t been quite there. You also need to have a forest that will let the wind pass through and tree trunks rather than branches.

Today I could check them all, the right wind, the right forest and – hopefully – the right skills. I just had to give it a shot and off course I had to get it on video. So with the mobile phone safely attached to the tripod I hit ‘record’ and went to pick up the kite.

Wow, what a blast! I surely had the skills and the wind and the forest were good to me too. It was actually a little easier than I’d expected. …and YES, you can do the axel in between the tree trunks too!

Into the Woods!

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