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Isn’t it…?

From NKM ’14 – Wind sock

Well…. let me see…. Isn’t it…?

  1. NKM 1999 – Hirtshals
  2. NKM 2000 – Hirtshals
  3. NKM 2001 – Grønhøj Strand
  4. NKM 2002 – Grønhøj Strand
  5. NKM 2003 – Blokhus
  6. NKM 2004 – Blokhus
  7. NKM 2005 – Blokhus
  8. NKM 2006 – Blokhus
  9. NKM 2007 – Blokhus
  10. NKM 2008 – Blokhus
  11. NKM 2009 – Blokhus
  12. NKM 2010 – Blokhus
  13. NKM 2011 – Blokhus
  14. NKM 2012 – Blokhus
  15. NKM 2013 – Blokhus
  16. NKM 2014 – Blokhus
  17. NKM 2015 – Blokhus
  18. NKM 2016 – Blokhus
  19. NKM 2017 – Blokhus
  20. Hey 20th edition next year!!!

Yes, it all started way (?) back in september (actually) 1999. Together with Halfdan, a friend of mine, we close to litterary set sails for Hirtshals, Denmark with our bags filled with kites. That was the spark that lit the fire.


In 2000 we were back with more friends for the second edition. And it continued. For the two next meetings we chose Grønhøj Strand our location, but from 2003 it’s all taken place at the beutiful beaches at Blokhus.

Nineteen NKMs so far. So next year is our twentieth edition. That’s cause for a celebration, don’t you think?!

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