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John Barresi and Team KiteLife is coming to the Nordic Kite Meeting/Blokhus Løkken Wind Festival!

What started out with Halfdan Blytt and Yours Truly in Hirtshals way back in 1999 is topped this year at the Nordic Kite Meeting/Blokhus Løkken Wind Festival with the presence of the Team Kitelife!

Team Kitelife

John Barresi, Scott Benz, Eli Russel and Carl Norman are flying in from USA to fly at the festival. This is going to be a blast and I guarantee flying and hanging with these guys will quantum leap both your flying skills and motivation!

Team KiteLife

For me this is a dream coming true. I’ve had the pleasure to fly with John and my kiting buddies for two weekends in the past and I’m looking sooooo much forward to do it again. And now also join up with the Team Kitelife. Wow!

Team Kitelife

…and you can off course come along and join us for great days with great flying for several days in beautiful surroundings at the beach of Blokhus.

You can find more information at Team Kitelife’s website:

…and surf by this website for more updates as we’re closing in on the dates.

But make a note in your calendar right now, the week of June 4th-9th Team Kitelife … and Yours Truly … will be in Blokhus for a GREAT TIME!

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