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Just a Breath of Air


The winds were a bit too easterly for my likings, but hopefully it was flyable. I’d brought the full set, SUL, UL, Std and vented versions of the Nirvanas and the SUL … or is it really called No Wind? … seemed the best choice.

It sure was, and with just a whisper of a wind I could still do heaps of fun stuff with the super ultra light Nirvana. I started out just to make myself familiar with the kite I haven’t flown for …. well, it must have been five, six years.

However, all the familiar Nirvana-stuff is there so it didn’t take long until I was in the mood. This kite needs to be guided rather than flown, but it sure can do quite a bit of tricking. And if you ever wondered if it could comète…?

Well, YES!

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