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Just a Few Smooth Moves

The days are getting shorter now in the end of September. Thankfully it's still flyable after work.

Yesterday the winds came from an easterly direction. That’s far from perfect in my neck of the woods. However I know of a beach that can cater for flying these eastern winds. So equipped with – yes, yet again – my To-Go Bag I took that twenty minutes drive.

I arrived at the beach and found a nice flying spot. Using a short line set I could play with both the wind and the water and I was in for a few smooth moves by the sea.

For some reason I opted for the semi vented A-Quad and despite the wind being on the kite’s lower end on the wind range the kite flew surprisingly well.

I was in the mood for smooth flying and here’s a little video from the hour or so on the beach.

A Few Smooth Moves Moves

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