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Kite Aerial Photography


The ingress above is taken from Wikipedia’s introduction of Kite Aerial Photography, or KAP for simplicity. Attach a camera to your flying line and have a kite to lift it all while shooting pictures or film.

Some years ago I made a very simple KAP-rig and shot some video at a local beach. The quality is not much, but the video at least give you some impression of what it’s all about.

Recently I dug up that old rig and modified it to fit my Contour action camera. I used back few bits’n’pieces from the old rig and more stuff from … here and there.

Inspired by these two videos…

… I ended up with this!

The KAP-rig with the camera attached
The KAP-rig with the camera attached
Hanging from the wall, right view
Hanging from the wall, right view
Hanging from the wall, left view
Hanging from the wall, left view

Now all I need is to haul a large rokkaku out of it’s hiding and wait for some wind to test this new KAP-rig.

As soon as footage is available I’ll publish it gets at AERIALIS Kites!

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