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Kites soon available!

I’m in the middle of project “Clean up the Basement”.

That means I’m going through all kites and spare parts left from my days as kite pusher. That also means I’m putting up quite a bunch of kites – and spare parts – for sale at good prices!

I will present all kites here on AERIALIS Kites as soon as they are available. Off course supplied with all required information like colour, wingspan, if they are RtF, Ready to Fly (lines and straps included) prices and pictures.

Please note that kites often are shipped as awkward goods and the Mail will charge extra for that. In my listing of kites for sale I will specify two prices, one is Cash on Delivery (come and get it) the other is shipped by the Mail (including tracking and incurance).

So stay tuned and watch out for the kites on sale!

Have fun! Go fly a kite!

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