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The time was right. Today the AERIALIS Kites website saw a major update!

As you might remember WordPress released the 5.0 version in December last year. However, based on experience, I didn’t upgrade the site accordingly. Because there are always issues.

But now, after a month or so, most of the issues are sorted out and I felt it was time to go for the upgrade here at AERIALIS Kites.

I run several other websites too, and most of them are upgraded to the latest WP version facing no (serious) issues . So I felt pretty comfortable upgrading this website.

First – as always – I made a complete backup of the entire website using the eminent All-in-one-WP-Migration plugin. It works like a charm and soon the website was backed up and stored on my laptop. I was ready to hit GO!

First I updated all the plugins, themes and translations compatible with the latest version of WP. Everything worked out as planned and soon all of the plugins were updated.

…and now for the scary part…. The upgrade of core WordPress!

OK, ready, set, go! I clicked the Upgrade-button and started the process. It didn’t take long until the admin panel clearly stated the upgrade a success.

However, now it’s time to go through a bunch of features to check that everything is actually working as expected. So far things are looking good, but I’m not quite done testing.

Yes, by the way… If you do happen to stumble upon what seems like an issue, please report by using the comments box below, and I’ll take a look at it!

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