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HQ Midi

More than twenty years old, but the Midi still delivers! Not only the old school tricks, but quite a few new ones too. A great freestyler!

Getting to grips with the HQ Midi

The HQ Midi and trickability

The Axel

Axels tends to be on the quicker side. Easy to set up from a stall, pop a line and the kite spins all the way on it's belly. ...and as mentioned, they tend to be fast(er) but slow ones are there with really gentle input.

The Fade

The Midi sits pretty stably in a fade. It needs to be set up correctly because sometimes it seems to be a little reluctant to settle, but when locked in, not much tending is required. Exits are easy and transition into other freestyle moves are easily accessible.

The Flic Flac

Somewhat touchy. Fades must be set up with a bit of pilot finesse, and the flic flacs needs subtle wrist motion input rather than (harder) pops. Transitions between fades and pancakes are on the slower side. So pilot, be patient! ' cause they're graceful when you nail them!

The Side Slide

I had difficulties having the kite to slide longer distances. This could be because a combination of the somewhat bumpy winds and too little time on the kite. Will give it another shot in better winds.

The 540 Flatspin

Super cool! They can be really fast - and rising - or slow and graceful depending on the pilot input. Move forward to slow down the speed before you snap that line and it spins slowly all the way. ...or a more distinct input and you whip the kite around!

The Backflip

Easy to enter and exit, but harder to hold. It sits pretty flat so no riser is possible. Rotations - for Lazy Susan's or Jacobs' Ladders - can be done, but it takes a somewhat experienced pilot to pull 'em off consistently.

The HQ Midi and precision flying

Precision Flying

This "little" kite is actually performing very well in the precision department! The trajectories are sharp and not much tending is required, if any at all given good wind. Turns are solid too with very little oversteer, maybe only in its lower wind range. A really positive experience!

Speed Control

Wow! This kite holds consistent speed and just a slight increase is noticed when passing through the power zone! In its optimal wind range speed control is achieved by walking rather than running. That's my kind of kite!

The hard facts

My HQ Midi
Kite Type
Freestyle kite
HQ/Chris Matheson

HQ Midi

By HQ/Chris Matheson
More than twenty years old, but the Midi still delivers! Not only the old school tricks, but quite a few new ones too. A great freestyler!


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