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Any event needs a soundtrack. Right now I'm working on the NKM2019 one!

For some reason I kind of like to fly to other types of music than the type of music I like to listen to. All the time I’ve been flying to music I kind of prefer dub music, or music influenced by ethnic and oriental sounds.

If you take a closer look at my NKM19 playlist, you can see what I mean. Plenty of dub and oriental stuff to fly to here.

I think that this kind of music have the right sound and beat (per min) that goes well with (my type of) flying. I associate this kind of music with sun, beaches, nice temps and that smooth onshore breeze. I kind of get in a mood that will connect me to my kite and the elements.

Sounds kind of weird perhaps, but it works for me!

So if you can spare a few minutes, why not listen to my soundtrack. …and btw, the playlist is still work in progress and it won’t be complete until June 3rd! 😉

My NKM 2019 Soundtrack

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