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I pay close attention to the weather forecast, how 'bout you!

I have this app on my cell phone that’s giving me very detailed weather forecasts for my fave local flying spots. I can monitor the forecasts ten days ahead, check out the variations and plan for the best moments flying.

Well, if it fits with the rest of my logistics. The daily work and managing three horses also take up place in my pretty busy calendar, but planning is everything.

Based on the (great) weather app by Norwegian Yr – yeah, you should really try it – my plan started to emerge. Saturday looked like a good one. So come Friday night I checked all the required items, kites, lines, handles, ground stake, tripod and camera. All good to go.

First thing after breakfast on Saturday, the stable. Then four hours on the beach. The weather forecast was spot on too making Saturday great for flying and winds coming in from the very best direction.

If you’re a kite nerd like me, and I guess you are, reading this blog post, you know the feeling. You have it all by yourself, the wind, the sky, the weather, the beach… Connected to the elements by a handful of strings. Whoa! Soul candy!

Soul Candy

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