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Never Leave Home Without It

When I go flying for a few hours, there's one thing I always bring with me!

What’s this “secret ingredient” you might ask.

Is it an extra winder, no…. Is it a knife, handy but no… Is it rain gear, just in case, no… Is it bits and pieces of various spare parts, no… Is it replacement rods, no…

I admit that all over the above might become handy, but if you watch the video below, my answer will be revealed!


1 thought on “Never Leave Home Without It”

  1. Careful there – no coffee stains!
    Naah, bringing coffee is not my cup of tea (pun intended). Session time (e.g. pre-work) is mostly quite limited and I’m too greedy for it. If one compare it to the weekly 1h tennis session it follows, for me, breaks would limit the total time too much. If this breakless approach is beneficial for learning I do not know. On the other hand why not make things comfortable and enjoy the nature in a more relaxed way now and then when there is room for it? Still remember, long afterwards, some breaks I did take.
    If I occasionally (rarely?) go to a more distant field and reserve half a day or so, I might bring some chocolate for ”extended missions”- a small piece can keep you going for an extra hour or so (or make the return trip less ”painfull”). Actually a few cubic centimeters of cheese would do as well, to take the edge of the hunger and is quick to prepare.

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