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The conditions were just about perfect for testing out my new KAP-rig. Winds pretty steady and clocking in somewhere around the 5m/sec point. More than enough to lift both my Rokaku and the rig. The weather was nice too. The sky scattered with white, fluffy clouds with plenty of sunshine and great visibility.

Chucked the gear into my car and after having dropped off my daughter at the stable, I walked the fifteen minutes walk down to the beach. Ahhhhh! Great stuff! Perfect onshore winds. This could be a great one!

So I mounted the camera onto the rig and went to find a good place to anchor the kite. Found it and pulled the kite out of the bag. A great looking Rok.

Now only to attach the flying line, get the kite into the air and shoot some video.

But…. hmmmm….. Where was that flying line? In the kite bag? Nope. In the rucksack? Nope. Anywhere in the car? Nope. In the basement back home? Yes… 🙁

So… Maybe next time… Hrmpf…

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