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New Feature Coming Up!

You might have noticed on the AERIALIS Kites' Facbook page or on Instagram already. There's something happening in a few days!

On October 3rd I will offer a brand new feature here at AERIALIS Kites that I think will improve the website’s overall quality and user experience!

…but nothing will be revealed until the deadline date, October 3rd!

I can give you all a vague hint though. If you take a closer look at the photos below and find out what they might have in common … you might get an idea! 😉

Any thoughts that comes to mind? Pleas drop a line or two in the comments form below!

Flying at the Gas Station
Flying at the Gas Station
On a rainy day
On a rainy day
Hey, getting the hang of it
Hey, getting the hang of it
Water's just dense air
Water’s just dense air

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