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Right in time for Christmas. Tomorrow I'm going too pick up the new video camera!

Yes, in addition to the Yellow QLK from Lanyork kites, Santa’s bringing in more stuff for Christmas. This time he has been to the Sony factory and picked up a Sony HDR-PJ410 for the family! As you might have figured out, I’m into filming my kite flying … quite heavily! 😉 But I’m not the only one in the family attached to a vid cam.

My daughter also love to film and edit videos, so I asked Santa if he could bring us both one.

And guess what… He could!

So tomorrow I’m off to the local post office to pick up a little brown (I guess) cardboard box from Santa himself. I have promised not to open it until the big day. That’s going to be tough, but you know… A promis is a promise … and you don’t mess around with Santa, do you?!

Santa has promised to bring me a video camera!
Watching this, waiting for Christmas! 😉

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